Honest, Expert, Affordable & ASE Certified: Complete Vehicle Repair for American and Imports.

Yes, there are still honest mechanics around. Guys that really know cars, inside and out—under them too. Offering dealer-quality service and repairs at reasonable prices is only a part of earning your trust in SBJ. We also think it's the right way to keep you as our customer. We'll take good care of your car or truck. And we'll treat you right—with the respect you deserve for choosing SBJ as your auto mechanic. We love what we do and so will you. Call on SBJ for your next repair and we'll prove it.

Exit I-94 in Lemon Grove

Heading east on I-94, take the Lemon Grove Avenue exit (south) and turn left on Broadway. After a few blocks, we're on the left.
Heading west on I-94, take the Spring Street exit (south) and turn right on Broadway. Just past the overpass, we'll be on the right.

Car can't make it? Sorry to hear that. Call SBJ at (619) 469-4121 and let us help. We'll arrange a tow for you (we know some folks who do that).

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SBJ Master Mechanic: Antonio (ASE Certified)

Antonio knows cars. For most of his life, he worked for the premier dealerships in San Diego: Mitsubishi, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Kia and Suzuki (Yeah, he laughs about that Suzuki thing, too).

Then, Antonio had a great idea. His customers could pay less—and he could make more by starting SBJ Auto Repair, competing with his former employers. Take that, Mr. Boss man!

This is your all-American small business success story right here.

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SBJ Chief Mechanic: Marcelo (ASE Certified)

Nothing stumps Marcelo. He, too, worked for the dealerships namely, Mercedes and BMW. We're lucky to have him at SBJ because he's the perfect compliment to Antonio's Asian car experience— with his own expert knowledge of Euro models.

For 11 years at SBJ Auto Repair, Marcelo has been getting cars back on the road working like they should. He's the quiet type but, likes engines that roar! How does your engine sound?

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Thanks for finding SBJ online! Call: 619 469-4121

Welcome to the SBJ Auto Repair website! Is your check engine light on? It may be a simple fix—or an indication something serious is about to happen. Either way, you gotta have a pro take a look at it. INTERNET SPECIAL: Get a FREE Check Engine Light diagnostic at SBJ (no obligation!). Give us a call and let us know you’re coming… 

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