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googlebuildingSBJ Auto Repair, Our History:

SBJ Auto Repair is located at 8056 Broadway in the San Diego suburb of Lemon Grove, a few miles east of downtown SD, just off the I-94. We’ve always been here (for about 15 years, anyway). Outside, the building isn’t much to look at (we like it). But, inside the building, amazing things happen here all of the time!

Let’s be honest here.

Okaaay, those truly magical moments are few and far between but, we have many small victories over iron and steel—and gaskets!—every day. And it’s always a great moment when SBJ customers are seen driving away—with a wave and a smile—after we’ve repaired their car or truck.

Dirty hands, clear head.

After working all of his adult life for other companies, owner Antonio Arellano’s entrepreneurial spirit awakened shortly after the turn of the century. He knew that he had to break away from the dealerships that employed him for so many years and pursue his dream. And he started that business of his own: SBJ Auto Repair. His idea was, offer the same expertise you get from a dealers’ service department (or better!) at less cost. A better value for his customers was the ultimate goal. 

You don’t need an MBA to know that  is a winning formula—every time.

Win, win!

Antonio reasoned it out. He would charge his customers less than the dealer shops and he, being the owner, could make a little more as an independent businessman. And it worked. That made everyone happy! So now, the SBJ mechanics focus their efforts on pleasing the customers instead of pleasing the dealership owners

That’s what we do at SBJ.  

Every. Single. Day.

Except Sundays (when we go to church!). The rest of the time, Monday through Saturday, we’re open from 8AM until 6PM. Sometimes we work later but, who doesn’t? Better call SBJ first before showing up later than six!

Many of our customers are return customers—and that can only mean one thing: they trust  SBJ to do a great job and to get it done the right way. They know they’ll get an honest diagnosis at SBJ and learn what’s really wrong with their car or truck. They also know they’ll be treated fairly on the cost of a repair.

And sympathy is always included (when necessary).

sanbartolojaliscoWhy “SBJ?”

SBJ stands for San Bartolo, a small town in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, just south of Guadalajara, where bebe Antonio was born many years ago. It isn’t a coincidence that SBJ Auto Repair started doing business on May 5th, either.

5th of May!

Cinco de Mayo serves as a proud rallying call for many when a rag-tag force of 2,000  Mexicans fought off an invasion by some 6,000  well-armed French soldiers, sent by Napoleon himself, in 1862—and won! 

The date is a reminder of the spirit and unique culture of Mexico but, should not be confused with Mexico’s Independence Day, September 16, 1810, when the battle to end over 300 years of Spanish rule began.

antoniohsAntonio, SBJ Master Mechanic:

Antonio was the “go to” guy in the service departments of San Diego car dealerships for many  years. In addition to American cars, Antonio is a Master Mechanic in the way Asian car manufacturers build their cars. He’s got Mitsubishi, Honda, Toyota, Kia, Mazda and Suzuki dealership expertise under his belt that’s second to no one—even the mechanics working at those dealerships today (where he used  to work).

American car repairs are nothing to Antonio, especially when compared to some of the crrrazy technology present in models from across the Pacific waters! Antonio is ASE Certified and you’ll see his many other certifications that hang on the SBJ office walls.

In the entrepreneurial, independent spirit that drives small business owners across the nation, Antonio set out to build his own company and to take personal care of SBJ customers (read below to see what a lot of them have to say).

And that’s how we have SBJ Auto Repair today.

marcelohsMarcelo, SBJ Chief Mechanic:

Marcelo doesn’t exactly play second fiddle around here.

American cars are a breeze for him and  he’s an expert in all cars European. Marcelo’s ASE Certified expertise was also honed at San Diego dealerships before joining SBJ over 11 years ago. He specializes in Mercedes and BMW but, if your car is made across the Atlantic, Marcelo adeptly handles your repair.

Marcelo also keeps a close watch over our other mechanics. They know he’s the real deal so, they have to do their best. With Marcelo leading the way on the Euro models and Antonio spanning the other side of the globe, SBJ has the car world covered completely.


Reviews, SBJ Customer Comments:

Best Mechanic in town

“I have dealt with SBJ on several occasions, getting repairs done for myself and my family. I have not been disappointed with service, repair, nor the price. The owner is Honest and is fair as far as rates are concerned. I like the fact that he does not use the trial and error form of locating the problem, he goes right to the source and repairs it. I do and will continue to recommend him to everyone I run into with a mechanical issue.”—The CW Boss (Citysearch)


“I have taken both vehicles that I own a Kia Sephia and a Chevy Trailblazer to SBJ fo a year and a half now. I was so thankful that I found them. The owner Antonio has always found the best deals for parts which in turn has made it better for me in savings. If you want and need a good mechanic this is the place.”—TanikaJoiner (Citysearch)

Great mechanic
“I have been a customer to Antonio for the last four or five years. He is honest and always does a great job. I would highly recommend him.”—Tee Williams (2040Cars)
Fair honest and reliable!

“With years of experience and helping fix our cars we have never been disappointed! Until we get a new car, this is the place to go when our cars need repairs and maintenance!”—Leticia Della (Facebook)

These guys are gifted.

“Gifted! This is a family-owned auto mechanic on Broadway that really knows their stuff. Nice to deal with and affordable, their best attribute is what many mechanics lack: the ability to diagnose car problems with the correct solution (I’ve been one of those people who has had to pay for replacing parts that didn’t fix the problem and then had to pay for plan B, plan C and even plan D–until I met the mechanics at SBJ). They’re even open on Saturdays. Five stars …at least!”—Dave O. (Lemon Grove) 

“My family and I have been going to Antonio for years and does amazing work our cars come out way better than you expect I always recommend this place to all me friends and family.”—Ofelia R. (San Diego)  fivestars

“I’ve used SBJ a few times and have always been completely satisfied! Everyone who works here is super friendly and I always feel like I’m getting a good deal. They always work with you and ensure you are completely satisfied. They even let me set up a payment plan for a pricey bit of work I had to have done on my vehicle. Come here if you want an honest mechanic.”—Jeff T. (San Diego) fivestars

“I’ve been taking my Lexus BMW and Mercedes here to get serviced and all maintenance done. For about 5 years now. These guys are amazing. Antonio and Marcelo can fix anything and any kind of car at a cheap price and fast work. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my cars!!! 5 stars”—Sarah B. (Lemon Grove) fivestars

“Been coming here for our car repairs and so far so good, Antonio is really great at breaking the repairs down and he seems honest! Great customer service goes a long way I’m not very trusting of auto repair shops but this one I feel is.”—Gee T. (Lemon Grove) fivestars

“Been here a couple of times to get my car and my ex boyfriend’s car fixed. The service Marcelo and Antonio provided was excellent!  I would definitely recommend this shop for your auto repair needs. Prices were very reasonable too! I didn’t feel like I was being taken advantage of. In fact, Antonio who fixed my car, fixed my drivers seat after another mechanic tried to fix it twice (lame)!  Antonio wasn’t even going to charge me but I insisted he let me pay him! It was such a wonderful feeling to finally get my car fixed! Thanks guys!!”—Presh J. (San Diego) fivestars

“They had about 2 good chances to rip me off, but didn’t. They seem pretty knowledgeable and prices are good. Even fixed one minor problem for free one time. It took about 10 minutes of their time. They changed all 8 spark plugs for $40 (just the regular ones, not long lasting). I think that’s good, right? But I guess it was part of a discount for a larger project that was done. So I trust them enough and have gone here for 2 years now.”—Scott C. (San Diego) fivestars

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